Author: Rick Massey

Presenting Myth as an Historical Record

“It isn’t what he doesn’t know that bothers me. It’s what he knows for sure that just ain’t so” I am not sure who first said this (it has been attributed to Josh Billings, Will Rogers, Mark Twain, and others). But it so perfectly fits so many people. Many historians believe there is no evidence […]

The Relentless Pursuit of Ignorance

(Article originally published in 2023) Things did not change quickly in ancient Egypt. But in 1353 B.C.E. there was a new sheriff in town. Akhenaten the son of Amenhotep III made changes that must have had his dad spinning in his pyramid. The establishment priesthood had a nice gig until Akhenaten stripped them of their […]

What’s So Bad About Speaking Greek?

(Slightly revised version of the article originally published on June 30, 2023) In discussions about the New Testament over the years, we always seem to go back to blind spots that keep the parts everyone knows about from making logical sense. Such is the case when we talk about how things got the way they […]

If Blood Could Talk

(Article originally published in 2023) In 1983 I was all in with the Messianic Jewish movement. This was a very personal journey. I never bought into the idea that I, as a Christian, needed to convert Jews to Christianity. Just the opposite was the case. I wanted to be closer to Jews so I could […]

What was The “Other” Gospel?

(Edited version of the article originally published in January 2023) In the classic Mel Brooks movie, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Robin Hood has an important message he wants to convey to the peasants. “Why”, he is asked, should the people of Locksley listen to you?” “Because”, he explains, “unlike other Robin Hoods, I can […]